We are proud to present you the testimonials of the AD’Missions network. Discover why they choose our umbrella company between support, services, and proximity

Bertrand K.

Certified referring coach

I trained as an accountant, became an IT Desktop Operator in the steel industry then IT Operations Manager in the automotive industry,...

Eric D.

Consultant and trainer

Trained as an engineer at Institut polytechnique de Lorraine and former Director of Industrial Performance for 12 years at Mars and then...

Delphine C.

Quality manager and trainer

I have worked for 17 years as a Quality Manager in the Agro-Food sector. In parallel, I am also a Quality trainer...

Mathilde P.

Marketing manager

I offer a marketing service outsourced to companies who have no internal marketing resources. My customers are mainly SMEs with no marketing...

Nils W.

Performance audit specialist

Having worked in a number of jobs over a period of 17 years in a company in the industry sector, today I...

Elisabeth E..

Sales manager

Trained as a sales representative, my professional career as a sales manager has been in B2B sales positions with a main focus...

Rémy A.

Lean management and quality expert

I am a specialist in the domains of lean manufacturing and quality. The tools I implement in the companies reduce and/or eliminate...

Hélène B.

Human resource specialist

With more than 16 years experience in human resources in an international industrial company, I was in contact with more than 35...

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