Ad’missions Saint-Nazaire: daily advice and support

Béatrice Cesbron
Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Delegate
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Ad'missions Saint-Nazaire

25 Rue de l’étoile du matin

44600 Saint-Nazaire

Béatrice Cesbron
Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Delegate

The umbrella company is a form of employment enabling freelancers to offer their services as consultants or trainers while at the same time enjoying a secure status.

Beyond the handling of administrative management, at Ad’missions Saint-Nazaire we offer special support for the professionalization of consultants in the form of workshops, training sessions and individual follow-up. We are also committed to boosting our network by organizing regular meetings and through a partnership enabling access to executive networks.

The economic fabric of Saint Nazaire is typified by the presence of a large number of companies: in the aeronautic, railway and tourism industries and research centres (renewable marine energies) which make use of outsourcing to meet their requirements in expert skills. Salary hosting constitutes an interesting alternative to the flexibility requirements of the companies in the area.

Béatrice Cesbron
Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Delegate

Saint Nazaire and the region, in a few words…

The capital of ship building, along with Nantes Saint-Nazaire constitutes an important economic centre, thanks to the industrial sectors of aeronautics and ship building, and of the harbour infrastructures of the autonomous port of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire. Many projects are underway, comprising the urban planning of the city centre but also the station, Saint-Nazaire has decided to open up to the world through strategic, innovative projects scheduled through to 2024.

Saint-Nazaire is dynamic with the number of companies present increasing continuously since 2018, by approximately 28% in the following sectors:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Industry
  • Building
  • Retail
  • Catering

Do you have any questions about the umbrella company system in Saint-Nazaire, La Baule or Guérande? Come and talk to us at one of our next meetings. We provide support services to consultants in all the business sectors: aeronautics, agro-food, chemicals, automotive, the building sector, finance, IT, HR, etc.