On a daily basis

Working with AD’Missions as your portage salarial company allows you to valorise your skills. For the purpose, we provide you with continuous support and assistance to help you perform your role with the peace of mind of a salaried contractor.

We offer you the best of the digital via our consultants’ portal and the guidance of our advisors. Find out about working freelance with AD’Missions, from the choice of your employment status through to completion of your assignment.

Choix du statut juridique

Before your mission

Going freelance raises a lot of questions. What is the employment status that best matches my needs? If I choose to work as a contractor, there are lots of portage companies available, how do I choose?

Conseil du délégué régional

During your mission

Find out what your daily life will be like when you join AD’Missions. From the signing of the Agreement to completion of my mission, I am provided with support at each stage of my project.

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Frequently asked questions

So what happens when I am off work? How is paid leave managed? Sub-contracting? See our answers to your questions about the umbrella company system.