AD’Missions’ advantages

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

All portage salarial companies offer to hire you and allow you to take advantage of conventional employee status. So how do they set themselves apart? At AD’Missions, we strive to offer you the best of umbrella employment services through our diverse offering.

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Find out 12 reasons why you should join us:

20 years experience as a portage salarial company

AD’Missions has 20 years experience as a portage salarial company. This status has no secrets for us. Our consultants are given expert advice and support from professionals who guide them towards success in their work life.

AD’Missions’ network

With a network of more than 2,500 consultants, AD’Missions proposes training courses, workshops, afterworks and other events propitious to creating synergies. The aim is to create group dynamics drawing on the expertise and network of each consultant.

Find new assignments

AD’Missions is part of, the French leader in intellectual services. We are therefore able to find assignments for you thanks to the support of the Talent Acquisition experts at

The Experthèque

The Experthèque by AD’Missions is an online networking platform. It allows the consultants to showcase their expertise on the web, gain in visibility towards companies and interact with a community of specialists in a variety of fields.

Salary guaranteed and paid in advance

AD’Missions has taken out financial insurance (AGS) to ensure that consultants’ salaries are paid, even if our company were to be in difficulty. In addition, we offer to advance your salary to remain flexible.

Human first and foremost

The human element is at the heart of our services. Our teams work daily to advise you and provide you with support along your chosen career path. When you join AD’Missions, you become part of a resolutely human network.

AD’Missions’ proximity

AD’Missions has 17 agencies in France and Switzerland: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Geneva, etc. Each agency has a regional representative in charge of accompanying you throughout your mission and creating positive synergies between the consultants.

Consultants’ web portal

Our consultants’ space has been re-vamped. Here you will find all the main information: turnover, payslip, your HRA, etc. This tool simplifies the managing of our relationship and is available 24/7 on computer, tablet and phone.

Training Organisation

AD’Missions is officially certified as a training organisation. We are the ideal host structure for your training courses. Members of the FFP, we are obtaining the OPQF label for our organisation and its referencing with the OPCAs. As a consultant in the network, you can take advantage of AD’Missions’ accreditations and authorisations.

International contractors

A portage salarial company can also be used for international assignments. AD’Missions has an agency in Geneva to allow you to secure your mission and provide you with support throughout your assignment.

Financial optimisation & business expenses

With AD’Missions, you can take home up to 67% of your fees thanks to our financial optimisation tools such as the company savings scheme, the collective retirement plan or job vouchers. We also handle your business expenses.

Our plus services

AD’Missions is more than just a portage salarial company. As a consultant with our organisation, you will be entitled to free business cards, to rent office space at La Défense in Paris, and join our referral programme, etc.

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