Advance on salary and guarantees

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

Cash flow is often a crucial concern for a freelance worker who must ensure the continuity of their business activity. Thanks to AD’Missions, you are certain you will receive your entire salary at the end of the month.

Guaranteed to receive 100% of your salary each month

With AD’Missions as your portage salarial company, you are guaranteed to receive your full salary at the end of the month if we have invoiced your services, or if (without service), your consultant account is still positive.

You have two additional guarantees:

  • PEPS: We are a founding member of the French Union of Portage salarial Companies. This is the leading union of portage salarial companies which brings together 85% of the market players. In order to join, companies must sign an ethics charter and must guarantee the security and protection of their consultants. In this context, we are committed to total transparency towards our consultants.

If you wish to find out more about the ethics charter of the PEPS: click here.

  • AGS: in addition to our commitment as a member of the PEPS, and to secure the salaries, we subscribe to the salary guarantee fund (AGS). This regime applies in the event of collective proceedings (safeguard, liquidation or receivership). The salary shall therefore be guaranteed until the end of your agreement with our organisation.

If you wish to find out more about the AGS: click here.

  • Bank guarantee: To secure the assets of our consultants, AD’Missions has implemented a bank guarantee in excess of €3M which guarantees the available assets of all the contractors working through us. This financial caution is constituted with a specialist body certified by the PEPS

AD’Missions’ plusses: cash advances

Would you like to ask for an advance because you need cash? AD’Missions can pay you an advance on your salary if you wish in addition to our guarantees. To do so, we examine your client’s solvency upstream. Your advisor can then anticipate a partial or full advance of your salary.

The salary advance is included in AD’Missions’ management offer. Any consultant can therefore take advantage of it if the solvency status of their customer allows it with no extra costs.

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