Dedicated account officer

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

The human element at the heart of portage salarial services. When you become a consultant with AD’Missions, you will have an account officer dedicated to your business. Your officer can advise you throughout your assignment about the management of your career path and offer you custom hosting, adapted to your situation.

chargé de compte dédié

The account officer’s management

As soon as your assignment begins and your contract is signed, a HR advisor will be assigned to you and will support you throughout the stages of your mission. In particular, they shall handle:

  • Salary optimisation: presentation and support for setting up salary optimisation tools such as PEE (Company savings scheme), PERCO (Collective Retirement Scheme) or CESU (Job Vouchers).
  • Billing and customer reminders: your advisor takes care of invoicing your client and sending out reminders to pay, if necessary. Manage your business expenses: all your business expenses, whether billable or not, and kilometrage costs are taken in charge by AD’Missions.
  • Payment of salaries and issuing of payslips: each month, as soon as your Activity Report is validated, you will receive your salary in your bank account and your payslip on the Consultants’ portal.

Beyond these services, your account manager is at your disposal for any questions you may have: support on the consultants’ portal, payslip, expense sheets, etc.

An expert in umbrella services, their role is to be attentive to your needs and inform you of the best possible choices for your career and the optimised management of your business.

AD’Missions advantage: proximity

The AD’Missions teams are concerned to be as close as possible to their consultants, with agencies all over France and a Regional Delegate on each of their sites in France and Switzerland. Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Genève… 17 cities have an AD’Missions agency.

The Regional Delegates advise you and provide you with support to grow your business, welcome you to training courses and help you find new assignments.

Their role is to:

  • Inform you about the legal framework for umbrella employment services
  • Propose simulations adapted to your project and your situation
  • Advise you in your activity and help you enhance your skills
  • Facilitate your formalities and payroll hosting at AD’Missions

Personal space

Your account officer is not available? No worries, our intranet (consultant portal) is available 24/7. Accessible on the AD’Missions website with your access codes, your personal space allows you to manage your:

  • Turnover,
  • Expense slips
  • Purchase orders,
  • Customers, etc.

AD’Missions offers you an experience combining the best of the digital, with our consultant portal, and the best of the human, through our attentiveness, proximity and expertise.

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