Consultants’ web portal

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

Each AD’Missions consultant has access to our intranet 24/7. This space has a responsive interface which is suitable for the computer, Smartphone or tablet.

Managing your activity account

AD’Missions’ consultants’ portal allows you to manage your activity account in a way that is fast and simple. The interface can be used to:

  • Add a client,
  • Create a purchase order,
  • Enter an expense slip,
  • Enter your Activity Report (AR),
  • See your financial balance in real time,
  • Make use of online payslips,
  • Chat online with an advisor,
  • Find the contact details of your Human Resource advisor,

You are therefore totally independent to steer your activity account.

AD’Missions’ services

This space also contains all of the AD’Missions services. You can mentor a consultant from your entourage and receive €130 in gift vouchers, sign up for a training course near your location (consultant path, trainers training, etc.) and networking events: breakfast meetings, afterworks, etc.

AD’Missions also proposes a wide variety of documents to facilitate the daily management of your activity:

  • Guide to company savings scheme (PEE),
  • Guide to collective retirement scheme (PERCO),
  • Guide to job vouchers (E-CESU),
  • Mutual insurance guidelines,
  • Business expenses guidelines,
  • AD’Missions’ brochure

In addition, you have access to a platform to help answer all your questions about expenses (distinctions between the different types of expenses) or, for example, how to enter your AR (activity report), etc.

AD’Missions offers you much more than an online space. It is a real tool for managing your activity, indispensable for your daily life as a consultant with an umbrella company.

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