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Updated on Monday 16 January 2023

As a pioneer in portage salarial employment services, we place our experience of the business at the service of our consultants. See our story.

Who we are

Founded in 1997 by a former executive from APEC, AD’Missions became one of the first companies to offer portage salarial employment services to the self-employed. The company quickly attained an annual turnover close to 40 million euros with more than 1,000 consultants. Today, we still have consultants in the network who were part of the adventure when the firm was founded.

AD’Missions has taken on a new dimension since 2015, by joining the Freelance.com group of companies. As a leader in intermediation between self-employed people and companies, Freelance.com strives to create synergies and develop a reliable and lasting relationship between consultants and companies.

AD’Missions involvement in the development of portage salarial services

AD’Missions has always been involved in representative bodies aimed at ensuring that the rights of self-employed people to benefit from wage portage are recognised, in particular through the following agreements:

  • National inter-professional agreement of January 2008, allowing the inclusion of portage salarial employment services in the French labour code;
  • Professional agreement of June 2010, which defines a certain number of “good practices” for portage salarial companies, binding on the signatories;
  • Extension of the agreement of June 2010 in May 2013, making it compulsory to comply with the recommended uses and practices. This extension was cancelled by the Constitutional Council one year later;
  • A ministerial order issued in April 2015 and ratified by the “El-Khomri” labour law now defines the legal outlines of the status of “portage salarial”;
  • The introduction of a collective bargaining agreement for the sector dedicated to wage hosting in July 2017, to define it as a professional sector in its own right and confirm its relevance.

AD’Missions is part of PEPS (the leading union of portage salarial companies in France), an active player and major stakeholder in the changes and progress of portage salarial employment services.

Our current situation

With more than 20 years’ experience, AD’Missions is the leading provider of portage salarial employment services in France. Our teams support you on a daily basis to enable you to focus solely on your job and offer you the best in payroll services.

Our location in the heart of La Défense (on the 18th floor of the Arche de La Défense) in Paris is not random. This is the largest purposely built business district in Europe and allows us to be close to the labour market and to our customers.

Employment hosting is growing rapidly and AD’Missions is part of the trend. Turnover was 900 million euros in 2017, representing an increase of 22.6% over 2016. More than 2,500 consultants have already shown us their trust. Why not you?

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