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Ad’missions Geneva: Start your freelance business quite simply

François Clément
Swiss Regional Delegate
07 50 12 72 99

Ad'missions Genève

20 Rue François – Perréard

1225 Chêne-Bourg

François Clément
Swiss Regional Delegate

The status of hosted employee gives you the possibility of focusing on your core business, from prospecting to completion of an assignment. All of the administrative management is handled by our Swiss experts.

My team endeavours to advise you throughout your professional career, paying you on time and allowing you to benefit from all the advantages of employee status. In addition, we have a formed a reliable network of consultants allowing you to fill your address book. Come to one of our information meetings about umbrella employment services, and find out more about what we have to offer.

François Clément
Swiss Regional Delegate

Geneva in a few words…

The second most populated city in Switzerland, located at the end of Lake Geneva, the city is influential in Europe and throughout the world. The capital of peace attracts an increasing number of companies from a variety of backgrounds. In 2018, 754 foreign multinationals and 177 Swiss firms were listed as having their registered offices in the Canton of Geneva according to the last federal survey.

Tourism and high exports from the clockwork sector give Geneva an economic situation that is favourable for growth. The city does not neglect investment in the other sectors to renovate or build the infrastructure necessary for its expansion to assert its role as an international city.

The most buoyant sectors for hiring in Geneva are:

  • Teaching, civil service, health, social services and culture
  • Services to companies, R&D, IT activities
  • Wholesale and retail commerce, repairs
  • Finance and insurance
  • Hotels and catering

Whatever your profile, Switzerland and more particularly the canton of Geneva have several first-class infrastructures, with a dense and adaptable real estate offer, but also a competitive telecommunications service (one of the most liberalized in Europe). On the spot, there are many services to help self-employed people settle in and companies wishing to move here to set up to facilitate travel back and forth and to attract new investors.

Are you thinking of working on assignments with an umbrella company in Geneva, or more generally, in Switzerland? Come and talk to us at one of our next meetings.

Our umbrella company solution in Geneva will provide you with support whatever your sector: energies, medical, agro-food, transport, building, HR, consulting, finance, etc.