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International contractor services

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

As a consultant, you may be called upon to work on international assignments. Wage portage allows you to secure your assignment, even abroad. We have more than 20 years’ experience in providing support to consultants all over the world to facilitate their secondment or expatriation.

Our Swiss subsidiary: Sage SA

AD’Missions has a subsidiary in Switzerland that allows consultants to benefit from tailor-made support throughout their assignment. Part of the Freelance.com group of companies, Sage SA was founded in 1989 and specialises in consulting and salary engineering for experts on assignment abroad. International contractor services work in the same say as French wage portage but allow expatriates to choose health cover “à la carte”.

How international contractor services work.

International contractor services convert the tripartite relation between the consultant, the end client and the portage salarial company. They allow consultants to carry out assignments and free themselves from administrative constraints.

First of all, you sign a service agreement with your client to define the terms of your intervention as well as your remuneration. Then we draw up an employment contract with you to begin your assignment. You enjoy the status of employee as well as all the related advantages. We take care of invoicing, payment reminders, payslips and we pay you a salary. If you live in France and carry out an assignment abroad for less than three months, you will remain subject to the French legislation regarding social protection (unemployment insurance, social security, retirement, etc.). But, if your mission is not temporary, you become an expatriate consultant with the obligation to join the social protection system of your host country.

Our subsidiary Sage SA will help you examine all the options open to you, depending on your situation, to enable you to carry out your mission under the best conditions.

The advantages of international contractor services

For the consultant

Contractor services are suitable for all types of assignments abroad. This status allows the consultant to benefit from all the advantages of French employee status: unemployment insurance, provident insurance, top-up health insurance, professional civil liability, … with complete administrative management and a payslip at the end of the month.

By contacting our experts in Switzerland, you will have advisors capable of guiding you on legal and tax matters. The key concept: adaptability! The status of international contractor allows you to choose social coverage “à la carte” to suit your needs: health insurance, unemployment insurance, retirement fund, top-up health coverage, providence, civil liability insurance, etc.

The services below are also included:

  • Filing returns and paying contributions
  • Supplying administrative and contractual documents (family allowance, accidents, sick leave, etc.)
  • Management of expense slips
  • The payment of withholding tax, if necessary in the host country

With the following options:

  • Work permit applications
  • Management of immigration requirements
  • Organisation of travel and relocation in the host country

Our special support is transparent and guaranteed fully compliant with the legislation of the destination country. You can therefore start your assignment with complete peace of mind on arrival.

For companies

We offer a simple, secure solution to companies who require the services of an expert consultant through a portage salarial company. Our solution is suitable for:

  • Making use of an expert abroad: the consultant benefits from French employee status and thus retains the associated advantages (top-up insurance, unemployment insurance, tax exemption, providence, health insurance, etc.).
  • Setting up abroad: before opening an establishment abroad, you can avail yourself of the skills of an expert consultant without taking any risks.
  • Setting up in France: we can also provide employment services to foreign consultants.

We also handle your consultants’ administrative and payroll management with all the advantages of our special support:

  • Personalised support with a dedicated contact,
  • Specialist advice in the legal and financial fields,
  • Guaranteed compliance with the legislation in the home country,
  • All the security necessary to protect your own and your consultants’ data.

If you are planning an assignment abroad, would like to discuss your project, calculate your salary or quite simply ask for advice from our experts, just ask for an appointment.

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