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Updated on Wednesday 26 August 2020

AD’Missions proposes a 360° service offer for companies seeking external, qualified staff on a temporary basis.

L'offre entreprise

A secure solution for using skilled contractors

AD’Missions supports businesses in their need for flexibility of skills by managing the human and operational resources of their missions.

To manage your contractors (consultants, specialists, etc.) and avoid the risk to the company of misclassification or economic dependency, AD’Missions has set up an expert search cell. We undertake to provide you with applicants who match your needs within 48 hrs.

This solution is fully part of the evolution of the notion of collaboration (a new form of employment), is part of entrepreneurial dynamics and favours the acquisition of skills and the development of agent loyalty.

A skills channel at your disposal

AD’Missions has also developed a web platform with the profiles of consultants in umbrella companies: the Experthèque. Its vocation is to provide firms with all the flexibility they require to refocus on their core business.

Any firm can therefore contact a specialist directly via their profile and discuss a possible assignment with them. With the Experthèque, you have a database of specialists qualified free of charge for your external recruitments.

Financial optimisation of your assignments

Trust the leader in intellectual services to accompany you in adjusting your resources to your actual needs. AD’Missions follows your firm in the transition to “assignment mode” to optimise the management of your external skills (consultants and agents).

A unique management channel, open to all of the profiles you normally make use of (self-employed, freelances, EURL, unemployed, contractors and/or employees), the solutions proposed by AD’Missions also allow you to optimise your costs thanks to better risk control.

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