Corporate values

Updated on Friday, January 28, 2022

At AD’Missions, or corporate values are based on the quality and warmth of human relations. This is why we try to respond to each of the needs of our consultants, always in compliance with good professional practices. Our values are multiple. Every day, we try to pass them on to our consultants:

Trust & transparency

There are many umbrella companies in France. Today, they number around 250, and so it can be difficult to work out who to trust.

AD’Missions is a dependable partner which is committed to transparency in meeting the needs of the consultants. Our guarantees:

  • PEPS: as a member of the leading French union of umbrella companies (representing 85% of the sector), we signed an ethics charter which commits us to transparency towards our employees.
  • Turnover and financial guarantees: as we are financially sound with turnover of more than €150 M consolidated by the group, we guarantee your salary for the duration of your mission.
  • Stock exchange listing: is listed on the stock exchange and so we are required to publish our financial results.

The human touch

Being self-employed means choosing freedom, but be careful you don’t end up isolated. At AD’Missions, we are committed to creating positive synergies among our consultants by organising events such as afterworks, business breakfasts, conferences, etc. Professionally but also personally, these events help you to boost your network, meet the regional teams and establish links with all the consultants at AD’Missions.

Through our values, we hope to offer the best of umbrella services. Our position as leader, as well as our experience of the freelance work sector mean that we can always offer the very best service to our consultants.


Our teams are dedicated, on a daily basis, to seeking the satisfaction of our customers, consultants and partner firms. We shall support you throughout all the stages of your professional life:

  • Job search: the Talent Acquisition service at supports companies in their search for value-added skills. As a member of the group of companies, AD’Missions undertakes to promote the applications of our consultants for the projects of our customers, both SMEs and key accounts.
  • During your assignment: on the strength of our experience as the leading umbrella company, we follow your project daily. Each consultant has their human resource advisor to provide support and guidance to obtain the best net-restitution possible.
  • End-of-assignment support: as soon as the work is coming to an end, the consultant can take advantage of our network of 36,000 principals whose needs in terms of intellectual services are growing continuously.

Au travers de nos valeurs, nous souhaitons offrir le meilleur du portage salarial. Notre position de leader, ainsi que notre connaissance du secteur du travail indépendant nous permettent de toujours proposer le meilleur service à nos consultants.

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