Business contribution

Updated on Wednesday 05 October 2022

We encourage synergies among consultants within AD’Missions, and are boosting the strength of our network. We have therefore set up an attractive business contribution programme for all our consultants. If you hear of an assignment and you do not wish or can’t handle it yourself, then the business contribution system is for you.

Sharing opportunities with AD’Missions

The principle is to structure and run a community of specialists who pool their skills and their networks, with the aim of helping each other and creating synergies. Are you working for a customer today in an Organisational Audit, and are informed that they need an IT Project Director? Have you been contacted by a former client who needs your expert services immediately, but you are not available for the period required?

By sharing this assignment opportunity, you favour direct access to our community of freelances. In this way, you avoid your client approaching organisations (firms, ESNs, etc.), whose commercial relationship and level of expertise you no longer control. By choosing to share this opportunity with the network, you can if you wish, be fully integrated into the cycle of identification of needs. For in fact there are several possible levels of involvement:

  • You, yourself can preselect the AD’Missions consultant(s) thanks to our internal social network. You can confer the search for the right candidate to our in-house team which will create a short list, then validate the most appropriate candidate(s).
  • You can delegate to us the search, description, selection and presentation of the candidate to the customer. Your level of involvement should of course be assessed according to your available time, your ability to describe the profile (in particular if the skills required are outside your field) or your proximity with the client. Whatever the configuration chosen, our aim is to create the most relevant introduction possible and support you in a concerted manner.

Attractive reward system

If you are the source of a successful new relation that leads to the signature of a new assignment for a member of the community of Ambassadors, you will be paid a percentage.

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