Ad’missions Strasbourg: tailor-made support services

Marie Burgard Drouot
Grand-Est Regional Delegate
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Ad'missions Strasbourg

333b avenue de Colmar

67100 Strasbourg

Marie Burgard Drouot
Grand-Est Regional Delegate

“Test your start-up project or create your own job thanks to an umbrella company: a fine opportunity that allows you to combine autonomy and security, flexibility and control.

Our promise: be enterprising without losing your employee status. To make the adventure a success, Ad’missions offers to be a real local partner and allow you to take advantage of a reliable network and tailor-made support services.

You benefit from the backing of our organisation to create and increase your activity, optimize your service offer and communication tools, but also to network through the events proposed by AD’Missions in the region: workshops, breakfasts, morning meetings, coffee-debates, training sessions, etc. So many opportunities to meet, work and share your experience with other specialists.

Our mission is to speed and facilitate your growth by supporting your project and enabling you to find the contacts and resources necessary for your launch.”

Marie Burgard Drouot
Grand-Est Regional Delegate

Strasbourg and the region, in a few words…

The spearhead of the Grand Est region, Strasbourg Eurometropolis is modern and determined to develop in a sustainable way. As the fourth largest cycling city in the world and the French city with the best mobile internet connections, Strasbourg has numerous assets that are unanimously attractive for setting up business in the region.

The 2nd largest French banking centre draws companies and investors thanks to an innovative and ethical economic strategy. Energy, health, transport: in all fields, the Grand Est Region and the City of Strasbourg are doing everything they can to create jobs and value. An economic vitality led by 4 major competitiveness clusters:

  • Alsace Biovalley: a cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovation, the development of new medicines and medical imaging. With 390 companies (Engees, Therapixel, Nimesis Technology, etc.) and 150 laboratories, the cluster is international in scale.
  • Vehicle of the future: turned towards the transport of tomorrow, the Grand Est region has around 450 companies including 3 car makers and 58 OEMs operating the main functions of the vehicle.
  • Fibres Energivie: resulting from the merger between the Alsace-Energy and Fibres clusters, the cluster is positioning itself on sustainable construction with the development of eco-materials. It employs approximately 60,000 people.
  • The Hydreos cluster brings together no less than 250 companies and 4,000 researchers working to develop innovative products and services around water quality and ecosystems.

The Eurometropolis and its region are home to the headquarters of major companies such as Kronenbourg, Mars Chocolat France, Adidas France and Millipore, etc.

Culturally, Strasbourg promotes itself thanks to its city centre, a UNESCO world heritage site, but also the Christmas market, which is more than 445 years old and attracts more than 3 million tourists every year.

Do you have any questions about the umbrella company system in Strasourg, Colmar, Mulhouse, Haguenau, Metz, Nancy ? Come and talk to us at one of our next meetings. We provide support services to consultants in all the business sectors: energy, health, logistics, HR, etc.