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Ad’missions Rennes: the network for consultants of excellence

Annie Launay
Bretagne Regional Delegate
+33 6 65 86 41 29

Ad'missions Rennes

Rennes Whoorks Gare 28 avenue du Colombier

35200 Rennes

Annie Launay
Bretagne Regional Delegate

Ad’missions Bretagne network is a centre of resources for the SMEs in the area. The members are business line experts and/or operational executives intervening within undertakings within the scope of consulting missions, support or training. Determined to grow their activity as freelances, Ad’missions members choose to join the network for the quality of the commercial support and the network community they find there.

Entrepreneurs in spirit or in the process of changing careers and working for an undefined time in mission mode, the members of the network are all specialists. They can thus avail themselves of the high quality of the Ad’missions Bretagne network.

Have you decided to choose independence, too? Then you are in the right place: “My business is to allow you to live yours to the full”.

Annie Launay
Bretagne Regional Delegate

Rennes and the region, in a few words…

Starting up your activity in Brittany is an excellent choice as the setting is conducive to work and there is a good transport network linking us to the capital. Only 90 minutes from Paris by high-speed train, Rennes is a city and metropolis that is bursting with vitality on an economic level. The town has also developed EURORENNES, a cultural centre and business district to attract small and larger companies.

The town has decided has decided to leave its mark and does not content itself with supporting the various sectors present:

  • Automotive,
  • Agro-food
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT)

The aim of the strategy is to support the traditional sectors and at the same time grow sustainably thanks to the emerging sectors such as health but even more so the creative industry. The Rennes metropolis wishes to make this area of many assets a connected economic lung, innovative and attractive to the entrepreneurs in western France.

Do you have any questions about the umbrella company system in Rennes? Come and talk to us at one of our next meetings and together we will draw up your roadmap and you can take advantage of the advice of our experts for starting up your activity.

Our agency covers the following towns and regions: Rennes, Saint-Malo, Saint-Brieuc, Brest, Quimper, Concarneau, Vannes, Lorient, Lannion in the departments of Côtes-d’Armor (22), Finistère (29), l’Ille-et-Vilaine (35) and Morbihan (56).