L’experthèque: a linking platform

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

The most complicated chore as a consultant is to find assignments. Ad’missions has developed a linking platform for consultants to create optimal work profiles and articles about their expertise.  A great opportunity for you to get more visibility, then, attract more prospects and it is an easy process to join the experts’ community.

Our specialists within our network are online, why not you ?

L'Experthèque Plateforme de mise en relation

Our Talent Acquisition teams call upon l’Experthèque to pick the best profiles to submit them to the key accounts from Freelance.com Group.

Why is it a great opportunity for you?

Three main reasons why you should create a profile:

  • To digitize your service offering: the platform is a medium for you to increase your web presence. It could be an alternative to creating a website to display your expertise and optimizing your LinkedIn page.
  • To find assignments: prospects or our Talent Acquisition teams can reach out to you in order to offer you assignments which fit your expertise
  • To increase your visibility: the platform boosts your expertise through the articles section which demonstrate your unique added value. Indeed, once you create your work profile you can then write articles to help your referencing on Google, this can boost your profile and develop your personal branding.

Full support on the platform

Ad’missions is all about support and it is a choice we make to never leave you alone. That is why we provide for individual support through the different steps. Our digital marketing team gives you advice, checks and corrects your contents. Webinars and workshops are available to help you in creating your profile and how to write on the web, talk to your regional contact to get more information.

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