Talent Acquisition

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

Would you like to increase your visibility and be positioned on high value-added assignments? Thanks to the Freelance.com group, leader in intermediation between freelances and firms, more than 36,000 principals can make use of our Talent Acquisition cell to find recommended candidates. As an AD’Missions consultant you are given priority for our missions.

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent Acquisition consists in identifying, recruiting and presenting a candidate who matches the needs of an undertaking. Our teams therefore strive each day to source the needs of the undertakings through different channels, and find the right skills set at the right time. By being given priority for the missions our team finds, our consultants have a new tool to leverage the development of their activity.

How it works within AD’Missions

When you join AD’Missions, you have full support for developing your activity. When you are introduced into the AD’Missions network, you can ask our teams to be placed among the candidates to be contacted within the scope of a proposed assignment.

Freelance.com has been working for more than 20 years with SMEs and large companies to provide them with 360° management of their external specialists. And so, in benefiting from the services of the Talent Acquisition cell, our consultants can be contacted for assignments with l’Oréal, Orange, La Poste, EDF, etc. The Talent Acquisition teams are composed of more than 15 recruitment specialists whose job consists in matching the needs of the companies with those of the consultants.

How do they do this? As soon as your profile matches the needs of a company, our teams contact you to discuss this. The missions proposed are not compulsory, and you are therefore completely free to refuse them. However, if you do wish to respond favourably, your CV shall be presented by a specialist from Talent Acquisition and subsequently it should be possible to set up an interview with the customer.

Talent Acquisition boosts the activity of our consultants and offers value added assignments. The AD’Missions network is recognised for its expertise and enjoys a positive reputation among the principals.

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