Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

You appreciate AD’Missions’ services and would like to talk about them around you? First of all, we would like to thank you for your trust in us. Find out how our referral programme works.

All you have to do is send us the contact details of your referred new customer via a form or call your Regional Delegate directly. Then we take care of bringing them onboard: we make contact, discussions and advice around the project, reception procedure, etc. And to thank you for trusting us, AD’Missions is delighted to offer you gift vouchers worth €200 gross income.

How do I refer a new customer?

To take advantage of the referrals programme, you must fill in your information as well as the details of your referral via this online form. It is also possible to contact your Regional Delegate directly to submit your request.

You will then receive a confirmation email to tell you your referral has been registered. Next we shall contact your referral to review with them their professional project but also to present AD’Missions to them. As soon as they begin their assignment and reach €10,000 excl. tax, received over no more than 6 months, we will send your €200 gross income.

Of course, you can repeat the referral procedure as often as you like, there is no limit. You will therefore receive €200 gross income for each new referral.

Every year more and more of you refer new consultants to AD’Missions, which for us is a wonderful testimony of your trust in us. On behalf of all the teams, thank you!

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