Ad’missions Nantes: leveracing a strong network

Béatrice Cesbron
Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Delegate
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Ad'missions Nantes

40 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne – Halle 6 Est

44200 Nantes

Béatrice Cesbron
Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Delegate

My vision

With more than 250 specialist consultants or operational executives in the main company job positions – Strategy – HR – Production – Finance – Marketing-IT and CSR, AD’Missions’ Pays de la Loire network offers firms solutions to meet their skills requirements, keeping costs under control and protecting them from payroll problems.

Ad’missions Pays de la Loire enables consultants and operational executives to offer their services to firms independently, while taking advantage of employee status and the related protections.

Joining AD’Missions’ network requires a well-defined skill, and autonomy in developing your activity.

We provide support for executives in their professional transition to freelance to allow them to acquire the posture and professional identity that goes with the position and master the process of commercial relations with enterprises.

Ad’missions’ Pays de la Loire network allows you to leverage its strength, the opportunities it affords to access the employers’ network and effective support towards a new way of valorising your talents.

Béatrice Cesbron
Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Delegate

Nantes and the region, in a few words…

Nantes is two hours from the French capital by high-speed train, and is the sixth largest agglomeration in the country. The city enjoys an oceanic climate which is very pleasant in summer and winter. The population increases by 3,500 metropolitans each year. In addition to its exceptional biodiversity, the town of Nantes is investing in its international airport and the renovation of the station district. By 2020, it could welcome 25 million passengers and enjoy an increased number of connections with the surrounding cities and Europe.

Regarding economic activity, the agglomeration has been able to preserve diversity in the services sector (IT services, biotechnologies, finance, etc.) which are contributing to its economic growth.

The industrial sector is also very healthy. Moreover, it is boosted by the technological innovations in fields as varied as ship building, aeronautics, agro-food, mechanics-materials, etc.

Among the major firms present around Nantes you will find: La Poste, SNCF, Steria, Accenture Technology Solutions, Airbus and MIN.

Our agency covers the following towns and regions: Nantes, Angers, Le Mans, Laval in the departments of Loire-Atlantique (44), Maine-et-Loire (49), Mayenne (53), Sarthe (72) and Vendée (85).

Any questions? Come and talk to us at one of our next meetings. We provide support services for consultants in all the business sectors: aeronautics, agro-food, chemicals, automotive, the building sector, finance, IT, HR, etc.