Growing my network thanks to AD’Missions

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

AD’Missions allows me to expand my business network thanks to the action of the regional teams, training organisation (expert path, training for trainers, etc.) or networking (afterwork, business breakfasts). AD’Missions also invites me to trade fairs, sends me news of regional events, good tips, provides me with a networking platform, etc.

animations organisées par mon délégué régional

I can take part in events organised by my Regional Delegate to unite our network of consultants, create synergies and develop our skills. Work meetings are scheduled regularly, such as:

  • The consultant’s path
  • The “boost turnover” workshop
  • Training for trainers levels 1 and 2

The events are always for small groups of people so that they can be as interactive as possible.

The Regional Delegate therefore runs communities in order to create links between the consultants in the same region, same business sector or with skills that complement each other.

Each month, I also receive a regional newsletter with details of future AD’Missions events and business meetings (such as trade fairs, conferences, etc.) in my region. It also contains articles about current affairs, what’s new at AD’Missions and useful tips.


At AD’Missions, I can regularly meet other consultants at events in a friendly atmosphere. For example, around an afterwork event that is organised regularly in my region. This is a time for meeting up over a drink, having a talk and networking. The Regional Delegate welcomes us and introduces us to the other consultants from AD’Missions.

As a complement to the afterworks, I can also sign up for theme breakfasts that allow us to take advantage of the vision of an expert, chat over coffee and croissants and enhance my skills.

The experthèque platform

All AD’Missions consultants can increase their visibility on the web by means of the platform. You can create a profile on the platform to present your skills, write an article related to your field of expertise and be easily contacted by a company. The profile on experthèque allows me to:

  • Digitalise my service offer
  • Find new assignments
  • Showcase the value I add

To publish my profile, I have to fill in my:

  • Business line
  • Expertise
  • Biography
  • Skills
  • References

And then I add a business photo to further personalise my profile.

I may also write articles to demonstrate my expertise. Publishing an article is an excellent means of increasing my visibility on the search engines and finding new assignments.

AD’Missions provides me with a dedicated contact to help me write my profile or my article via webinars, to understand how to create and publish them. The experthèque can act as a veritable springboard for my visibility on the web and therefore for my business.

More than a mere employer/employee relation, AD’Missions helps me to expand my web network via workgroups and networking events.

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