Managing business expenses

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

As a consultant, I can claim the reimbursement of my business expenses, whether or not they are re-invoiced to my clients.

Independent management of my business expenses

At AD’Missions, I have the advantage of an online tool for managing my business expenses on the consultants’ portal. I can therefore claim all types of business expenses directly on the dedicated tab. To begin with, I choose the type of expense sheet, the date, a title and the customer for my assignment (only for expenses related to the assignment). I can fill in as many different expenses as necessary to claim my expenses as a whole.

I can also claim my expenses at any time of the day, on my computer, tablet or smartphone.

Reimbursement of business expenses

The reimbursement of overheads is regulated by URSSAF, with strict rules. Each expense sheet is reimbursed if:

  • I have sent all the original receipts for my expenses by mail
  • My client has settled the invoices or I have enough cash in hand in my consultant account to advance the money

Concerning actual costs, these are reimbursed when the customer invoice is settled. However, it is possible to be reimbursed before the client settles if my balance is greater than the amount of my costs incurred.

Transfers related to expense sheets are completed on Wednesday each week. The time frame is therefore one week maximum from receipt of the originals by post and the settlement of my client.

Special case

Computer equipment

For any purchases of digital equipment (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), if the total amount exceeds 500 euros excl. tax, I must:

  • be on a permanent employment contract at the time of the purchase to have the possibility of depreciating my property
  • have an invoice in the name of my portage salarial company.
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