How do I manage the end of my missions with AD’MISSIONS ?

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

My assignment is coming to an end soon and I have a number of questions about AD’Missions’ services to support me in the transition to my next missions. “Will I still be an employee of the company when my assignment is over?” “Will you help me find a new assignment?” “Am I entitled to unemployment benefit?” etc. So many questions to which AD’Missions provides the answers.

Talent Acquisition conseil fin de mission

Employment contract

As a contracting consultant, I have a temporary or open-ended employment contract. A temporary employment contract is signed for a single assignment with a client and for a given term of service. The open –ended employment contract allows me to be covered no matter how many assignments are underway, even between assignments or in the prospecting phase.

In these cases, I still receive a payslip at the end of the month or I can take advantage of unemployment benefit if I have an entitlement. Since there will be no turnover, the amount of the salary depends on my consultant balance only. I can, for example, use my available balance to smooth my salary or receive a pay slip at €0 if there is no activity.

I can, of course, terminate my contract with AD’Missions at any time either by ending my trial period (if the duration of the contract allows it) or by requesting a contractual termination.

At the end of a contract, temporary or permanent, AD’Missions pays me the remaining balance, and provides me with a certificate of hours worked and a certificate for the unemployment agency.

Whatever my contract and the solution I am considering, my Human Resource Advisor informs me according to my needs. He contacts me 1 month before the end of my assignment so that we can define my next steps together.

Help with finding a new assignment

If I am in the prospecting phase, my Regional Delegate may suggest a number of solutions to provide me with support:

  • I can join an AD’Missions work group and take advantage of the advice of the network of other consultants.
  • My Regional Delegate can integrate me into the local network and guide me to professional regional events to be noticed by a potential client.
  • I also have the possibility of updating my availability with the Talent Acquisition cell of I will therefore be given priority for any job offers corresponding to my skills and managed by the team.

Lastly, if I have no assignment and wish to prolong my permanent contract with AD’Missions, I continue to have full access to training, professional and networking events.

Whatever my situation, as a consultant with AD’Missions, my Regional Delegate or my Human Resources Advisor is attentive to my needs.

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