How the system works during my mission.

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022
Conseil du délégué régional

How my salary is paid

Salaries are managed in a portage salarial company in a similar way to the “traditional” employee. In this respect, I receive a payslip every month depending on how much I have billed. By choosing AD’Missions, my salary is guaranteed at the end of each month, with my entire salary paid to me in advance.

Before the 25th of each month, I can contact my Human Resource Advisor to determine:

  • My salary: I can equalise my salary over the months or ask for a salary depending on my billing and my needs, taking into account the advice of my Advisor. Salaries can be equalised within the limits of the regulatory minimum stipulated for consultants working with a portage company, which is 2,380 euros gross.
  • Salary optimisation: I can increase my income with managed business expenses, savings schemes and retirement schemes, etc.

The payment of my salary is conditioned by my Activity Report (AR). Each month, I send my AR to my Advisor, or fill it in on the consultants’ portal. It must be signed by the client no later than the 25th of the month to be paid to me on the last working day of the month. Once the AR has been validated by the client, AD’Missions can raise the invoice.

AD’Missions’ services

My advisor for an optimum income

I may choose salary optimisation right from the start of my assignment during discussions with my Regional Delegate. However, if did not choose these options, I can do so during my assignment, when reviewing my situation with my Human Resource Advisor.

My advisor calls me or schedules an appointment with me systematically two months after my arrival at AD’Missions to review my situation. This is the time in particular for him to follow my assignment, and adjust the remuneration system.

The human element at the heart of umbrella services

With AD’Missions, I have found a company that provides me with daily advice. My advisor is available for a telephone or face-to-face appointment at my request. I can also go to the premises in Paris or in my region to make use of co-working space, for a question, an event, etc.

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