Training at AD’Missions

Updated on Monday 03 October 2022

There are 2 types of training with AD’Missions:

  • If I am a trainer, I can take advantage of the registration number of our training organisation as well as personalised support for my administrative formalities.
  • If I’m an employee and want to undergo training: exactly like a “conventional” employee I can make use of my portage salarial company’s training plan or fund my training with my consultant’s account.

Trainers using portage salarial services

AD’Missions provides support to independent trainers in the same way as for the other professions eligible for contracting. AD’Missions has a training organisation registration number through its subsidiary Savoir-Faire (link to company page). Referenced in Datadock and holding the OPQF label, Savoir-Faire provides you with a complete, high-performance solution to deliver your training.

Terms and conditions for joining Savoir-Faire

To become a trainer through a portage salarial company and use the training registration number of Savoir-Faire it is mandatory to:

  • Be on an employment contract (fixed-term or permanent contract)
  • Have signed a training agreement

Good to know: From January 2019, OPCAs (accredited fund-collecting agencies) will not finance training if the training organisation is not referenced in Datadock.

The trainer’s commitments

My training manager contacts me to obtain my CV in order to show my expertise on the request(s) fulfilled and a document attesting to my trainer’s training. I must also sign the trainer charter which commits me to following a quality approach.

AD’Missions provides me with the whole package of documents for the trainer:

  • Programme
  • Agreement
  • Sub-contracting Agreement
  • Attendance sheet
  • Training completion certificate
  • Evaluation sheet

Training entitlement for all consultants

Like any employee, the consultant may avail themselves of ongoing vocational training. This makes it possible to

  • Promote the integration or professional reintegration of workers,
  • Contribute to skills development,
  • Participate in economic and cultural development,
  • Secure career paths,
  • Assist in social promotion.

The conditions for training being financed

  • I must be on an employment contract (temporary or permanent) throughout the training period,
  • The training must target the adaptation or maintaining of my skills within the scope of my assignments with the portage salarial company,
  • The training takes place during working hours. No training can be analysed if one or more days take place on a week-end or bank holiday,
  • The training organisation must possess a registration number and be referenced with Datadock. I can obtain this information directly by contacting the organisation concerned.

I must apply for a training course one month before it starts. The training department undertakes to contact me to determine how my training will be funded.

Whether I am a trainer or applying for training, AD’Missions provides me with support on a daily basis.

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